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SriLankan Airlines Offers You Safe and Comfortable Travel
SriLankan Airlines is presently the largest foreign carrier flying into the Maldives with about 32 flights per week. It consists of a fleet of 22 aircraft flying to 62 destinations covering 34 countries in Asia and Europe. In UAE, from the Abu Dhabi International Airport the airline provides daily flight service to the Bhandaranaike International Airport in Colombo, and back. The airline also operates flight service from the Dubai International Airport to Colombo and Dubai to Moscow.
The online booking is the most preferred way to make reservations. The websites offer all details about the flights, the schedule, route map, seat availability, and so on. You can book or cancel tickets, check your PNR status and avail several offers and rewards it you book online. You can make your payment through your credit cards, which needs to be verified at the airport if you are traveling. In case the credit card holder is not traveling, the payment needs to be authenticated beforehand. There are other travel and tourism websites and travel agents, which offer to help you make your reservations. Thee booking offices are located at the airports and other places where you can directly approach to book your tickets.
SriLankan Airlines provides world-class services and has got well trained, friendly and experienced crew members to take care of your needs. A large variety of cuisines and flavors are served and you can pre order your meals from the given menu according to your preferences. An array of movies, music and television programs are also available for your entertainment.
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