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SriLankan Airlines: Smooth Landing In The Island Country Of Sri Lanka!
21.06.2013 11:07

SriLankan Airlines is one of the most prominent names in the aviation world and is the proud flag carrier of the island nation of Sri Lanka. Previously known as Air Lanka, the airline operates from the country’s capital city of Colombo and has two hubs, the Bandaranaike International Airport and the Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport. The airline has had a number of problems on the civil front and there have even been incidents where bombs were planted on its planes. In spite of all the troubled stories, the airline has emerged as a strong entity today and is known for its extraordinary hospitality and efficient operations among other positives.
The UAE market has been a special one for the Sri Lankan country for many decades now and it is obvious that its flag carrier SriLankan Airlines shares this bond too. The airline operates flights to the key airports in the United Arab Emirates, the Dubai International Airport, the Sharjah International Airport, and the Abu Dhabi International Airport and thus keeps the connection alive in many ways. Apart from the trade and commerce relations that the two countries share with each other, there is also the travel sector that is a common bond between the UAE and Sri Lanka.

A number of travelers from the UAE fly to Sri Lanka to spend some memorable days at the various destinations here while those from the island nation do the same in the tourist attractions in the UAE. Thanks to the connections offered by SriLankan Airlines, a holiday in the other country is always a flight away!


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