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  • SriLankan Airlines: Smooth Landing In The Island Country Of Sri Lanka! - 21. Jun 2013
    SriLankan Airlines is one of the most prominent names in the aviation world and is the proud flag carrier of the island nation of Sri Lanka. Previously known as Air Lanka, the airline operates from the country’s capital city of Colombo and has two hubs, the Bandaranaike International Airport a... mehr

SriLankan Airlines Offers You Safe and Comfortable Travel

SriLankan Airlines is presently the largest foreign carrier flying into the Maldives with about 32 flights per week. It consists of a fleet of 22 aircraft flying to 62 destinations covering 34 countries in Asia and Europe.


Srilankan Airlines: Good Connectivity Options to UAE!


Srilankan Airlines represents the beautiful island nation in its miniature. It is one of the reputed airline services ensuring to gain immense accolades across the global platforms. It has embarked its new journey as a pioneer in service, comfort, safety, reliability and punctuality.

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